How does Crypt Exchanger works?

Cryptexchanger deals with storing of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin,  bitcoin cash exchanging cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and so on to Fiat or local currencies. But you will need to register first before you can exchange or store coins on our web wallet.

How can I become a member?

To become a member is simple and we require you to register first by CLICKING HERE

Can I start using my account immediately?

Yes, you can start using your account to fund and withdraw immediately. However, there is a funding limit of $5000 per day, applicable to UN-VERIFIED accounts. No limitation on withdrawals. To get your account verified, you need to upload your ID showing your full name and a utility bill showing your address and send it to

What type of documents do I need to submit for verification?

To get your account verified, you need to upload any government issued ID showing your full name and date of birth (this can be International Passport, Driver License, National ID card or Permanent Voters card) and a Utility bill showing your address (e.g. Water bill, Electricity Bill, Waste Bill, Bank statement etc). Please note that no other form of document will be accepted apart from the listed.

This is for those who want to transact $20,000 and above.

How long does it take to process transactions?

3-24 hours depending on the volume of orders we have at the moment.

Is there any referral commission and is it a must to refer?

There is a referral commission, but it is not a must you refer before your sell your BTC and other Altcoins. You can easily sign up as an affiliate to refer people from your account.

Apart from referring we also give coin bonuses when you transact on cryptexchanger like buying and selling or exchanging coins.

Is there any monthly fees?

No. We do not charge at all.

Can I create more than one account or wallet?

Yes, you can create as many wallet as possible, you have total control over them.

 Can I EXCHANGE from bitcoin to other coins and vice versa on this platform?

Yes you can exchange from bitcoin to other altcoins, login to your account, make sure you have money in the wallet you want to change e.g bitcoin, click on EXCHANGE TAB to exchange coins.

Now I have registered, what do I do now to buy cryptocurrency of my choice that cryptexchanger support.

Login to your account or CLICK HERE TO LOGIN,

Then click on BUY COINS.

Now I have registered, what do I do now to sell cryptocurrency of my choice that cryptexchanger support.

Login to your account or CLICK HERE TO LOGIN,

Then click on SELL COINS.

How can I create my account and get my web wallet address?

If you already a member of cryptexchanger, kindly go to and click on LOGIN to access your account.

If you are not a member already, kindly CLICK HERE to register , fill in your required details and finally click the register button. You now have an account with us and you will be log in automatically.

To get your web wallet address, login to your cryptexchanger (CTE) account, kindly click on RECEIVE/DEPOSIT COINS, select the coin (e.g bitcoin) you want to see its web wallet address from the drop down, scroll down a little bit and you will see your long alphanumerical web wallet address. You can copy this wallet address to buy coin (e.g bitcoin) from our platform by clicking BUY ORDER or use to receive coins (e.g bitcoin) form anyone or anywhere by sending the address to the person.

The same procedure goes for other coins like litecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and so on.