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    3. Production Equipments

      Group established in 1998 to this day, with all the hard efforts of the boteli people, we realize the great-leap-forward development. The group has now over 1000 employees among whom 140 are holding intermediate and senior titles and 80% are professional in different technology pump and valves, is the real valve industry talent "Silicon Valley".

      After over 10 years three stages of innovation and development, the group striding forward. In recent years, the Boteli Group continued to increase hardware and software investment, with international advanced flexible production lines, machining centers, large CNC vertical lathe, CNC machine tools, and other plasma welding, overclocking vacuum heat treatment equipment, CNC Spherical Grinder, spherical special machine tools sophisticated equipment.

      Advanced flexible manufacturing line

      Automatic submerge-arc welding machine

      Intelligent data machining line

      Large ball valve test stand

      Large gantry CNC surface grinding machine

      Large scale machining center

      Large scale NC vertical lathe with machining 

      diameter up to 3m

      One hundred thousand level dust free workshop

      Three dimensional measuring instrument

      Tidy and clean production workshop