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    3. Social Responsibility overview

      As building enterprise with international competitiveness, Boteli also takes caring for social construction and participating public welfare undertaking actively as important content and specific embodiment of fulfilling of social responsibilities. It always concerns and supports social public welfare undertaking, actively participates in relieving the people in stricken areas, donates for education, new countryside-construction, supports culture and sports and other public welfare undertakings.
      The company has supported local new countryside-construction with a fund more than 1.10 million Yuan, spent 0.30 million to support education and charity, donated more than 1 million Yuan to Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, and put more than 5 million Yuan for public welfare undertakings over the years. The company was awarded "Outstanding enterprise in village-enterprise pairing for construction of new socialist countryside activity", and board chairman Huang Shengfeng was awarded "Outstanding builder of the socialist cause".
      In 2009, Boteli set up Boteli love fund in the enterprise. The fund has carried out donations for seriously ill employees and poor employees to warm their heart. Boteli love fund is known as  enterprise's "charity bank". The company has also expressed it sincere solicitude to autistic child in welfare house, and pays attention to social vulnerable groups.

      In 2012, Boteli valve group and the county Charity Federation cooperated to set up the eleventh enterprise named charitable fund in Yongjia County— " Yongjia County Charity Federation Boteli charity fund" with 10 million Yuan for charity help and public welfare undertakings.

      Organize staff for health checkup

      Donate to poor employee


      Boteli group charitable fund started

      Boteli group set up a charitable foundation

      Boteli group set up a charitable foundation1

      Boteli group Red Cross volunteer service team 

      participates in volunteer service activities


      Party members and cadres make blood 

      donation without payment

      The employees of the company donate 

      for Wenchuan earthquake area